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We thrive on referrals and recommendations from others - it’s how we do what we do – and get great recruitment results in such a specialised area.

  • Sammy Herbert
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    ​Arnie is a recruiter with a difference. He's genuine, thoughtful and a delight to be around. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Although we are in different spaces now, he often keeps in touch, checking in and supporting. I remember once hearing in the office that someone was feeling down and Arnie checked in on them to see if they were ok. I learned later that Arnie subscribed them to daily pictures of puppies to help them feel better. He's that kind of colleague. He thinks different, he thinks genuinely and it's a very rare quality. Every team should have an Arnie, he's great!

    Sammy Herbert
  • Armagan Ersoz
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    ​I had a pleasure meeting with Arnie last year. He really cares about understanding the candidate and he knows the market well. So, unsurprisingly, it concludes with perfect matches at the end of the day. He was able to respond to all my questions and he always kept me in the loop. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for their dream job or any company that is looking for a good addition to their team.

    Armagan Ersoz
  • Jacob Foskett
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    ​If I were to describe Arnie in one word it would be 'caring'. Most people would choose funny, we all know he loves a good dad joke, but what really makes Arnie shine is his genuine empathy towards co-workers and candidates. Arnie is an excellent Candidate Manager who I would always recommend if you are looking for a new role in the tech space.

    Jacob Foskett
  • Paul Jiminez
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    ​Arnie is friendly and extremely helpful. He helped me during the entire process and kept me updated and in the loop without having to chase or follow up. An absolute credit to the profession.

    Paul Jiminez
  • Vatsal Patel
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    ​In my last job hunt, I dealt directly with over 20 recruiters. Of this 20, Ashlee was far. In terms of professionalism, ethics, and attentiveness, Ashlee was unbeatable, and I can't emphasise this enough. Ashlee made me feel like I had an ally in the recruiting industry and, at the end of my search, I was left wondering whether there was any way I could get her credit for the job I signed for. Next time I'm on the job market, Ashlee will be my first call as she is #THE_BEST :)

    Vatsal Patel
  • Stacey Shilpzand
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    ​I definitely recommend Matrix IT Recruitment. I applied for a position that was listed and was contacted promptly, attended an interview and got the job! I was anxious being unemployed for the first time in my working career, but Ashlee was engaging, friendly and gave me some wonderful advice and the confidence that I would find a suitable role. Thanks Ashlee!

    Stacey Shilpzand
  • Katie Ames
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    I have called on Ashlee several times to assist in identifying highly experienced and motivated IT professionals and she has always delivered! Ashlee is responsive, enthusiastic and proactive in her approach, always seeking to understand more about the needs of the business and team, and how she can assist. She is incredibly efficient and can turn things around very quickly, which has been a huge help to us during peak periods. I would highly recommend Ashlee and her team.

    Katie Ames